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Ivy Brothers custom tailors sessions toward your student to create a game plan for their admission to top schools, such as those in the Ivy League.

1.University Selection

Deciding where to spend the next four years of your life is an important decision! Ivy Brothers will meet with you for a consultation, and examine your current grades and test scores. We will also try to gain an understanding of your goals in the college admission process. Finally, we will give you a consideration of your reach, match, and safety schools, and come up with a roadmap, or plan, to get you the best results possible.

2. Personal Statement and Essay Support

Ivy Brothers will help you craft amazing, gripping essays that speak to the unique talents and traits that you will bring to campus! We provide students with mentorship from those who have graduated from top colleges and know what the admission office is looking for. The essay is one of the most important parts of a college application. We will help you to stand out, among the tens of thousands of other applicants.

3. Building a Hook

An important part of the college application is building your hook. For those aren’t athletically gifted or born into a distinct demographic, Ivy Brothers will help you find activities in your school, community, or remotely, that’ll make you stand out from the competition. We will schedule regular check-ins, to keep you on track, and make sure that you are being proactive about your involvement! Finally, in many cases, we will help students create projects, or put you in contact with invaluable mentors, which will help your application.

4. Recommendations

Recommendations are crucially important in the college application process. Ivy Brothers will help you find a suitable recommender, which can speak to your strengths. Also, we will also be willing, as alumni, to write you a recommendation, to doubly highlight the integrity, character, and talent that we observe through interviews and other exercises!

5. The Five Step Application Boost Process

Ivy Brothers will provide a Five Step application boost process which will dramatically increase a students’ odds. This five step process involves boosting everything from the common app sections to a student’s transcripts. We’ll employ the tricks only the 1% know to your application.

6. Interview Prep

Ivy Brothers will conduct mock interviews, and prep you for questions commonly asked during an interview. We have experience as an interviewer in the Princeton University Admission Office. We know what types of questions that the interviewer will ask, and how to stand out!

7. Internships

As the world of admissions at elite colleges becomes more competitive, it is important that each student garners experience on their application related to their potential major. Ivy Brothers will provide this experience on your application. We’ll give you an internship at one of our partner organizations or help you apply to programs that are relevant to your skills and interests.

8. Scholarships

Ivy Brothers will help source and vet the scholarships that are right for you. We’ll put our clients in the best position to achieve a scholarship through our thorough review system. Our goal is to take this burden away from the student and family.

9. SAT/ACT Prep

The Ivy Brothers employs tutors that scored within the 99th percentile on their SATs. We know the ins and outs of the test and will give you the best strategies to achieve your target score.

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