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A Team led by Former Admission Officers & Industry Experts

100+ Admissions Counselors

Deonté (Dartmouth & UPenn Admissions Office)

Deonte worked in the admissions office at UPenn and Dartmouth, and as Admissions Manager at Haas School of Business. He is passionate about education access.

Michael Hansen (Advisor)

Michael is the chief executive officer at Cengage Learning, a $1.4 billion education technology company. Cengage helps millions of students each year achieve their educational goals.

Marion (UPenn Graduate & Fulbright Scholar)

Marion is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a US Fulbright Scholar at CY Cergy Paris Université, and recipient of the James Patterson Teaching Scholarships.

Natalie (Former Harvard & USC Admissions Office)

Natalie has experience in the admissions offices of her alma maters, the University of Southern California and Harvard. She is eager to assist students with crafting the best applications possible.

Ondrej (UPenn BASc)

Ondrej was the Founder and CEO of Pochopim, Founder of Company 101, Co-Founder of Typo, and was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 and 20 Under 20 on Euro. He has been a developer for nearly ten years,

Gabriella (Former Harvard Admissions Office)

Gabriella has experience in the undergraduate admissions office at Harvard. She has years of experience as an educational advisor and teacher, and has work experience in business development.

Deborah (Former Harvard Admissions Office)

Deborah graduated from Harvard, and has served on the admissions team as an Admissions Officer, reviewing and evaluating applicants. Deborah is looking forward to helping students craft quality applications.

Saibernard (Research Scientist)

Saibernard has engineered Formula 2000 and Formula Ford 1600 race cars at JA Motorsport. He has worked as a Project Engineer, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, and Data Engineer. In his spare time, Yogendran creates gadgets. He is looking forward to volunteering his time.

And Many More!

Our Differentiator: The Ivy League Roundtable

Ivy Brothers leverages its team of former admission officers from top schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, and UPenn to give feedback on students' application as if they were still in the admissions office.

Robin, grandmother of

Harvard '27

"For us, the Ivy League Roundtable was a game changer! We were able to get feedback on my grandson's college application straight from the horse's mouth. The admission officers pointed out a critical red flag on my grandson's application. I only wish we would have gotten started sooner!"

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