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Ivy Brothers creates an action plan for getting into your dream school. This includes university selection, cultivating a spike, interview prep, polishing transcripts, recommendations, and the Common Application.

Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays

Ivy Brothers has a team of world-class writers and authors guiding students in brainstorming, development, and editing of their college essays, while retaining students’ unique voices.

Hook Program (Passion Project)

Ivy Brothers helps you build a project related to your interests to give you a competitive edge. In the past, students created apps, cryptocurrencies, non-profits, neural networks, literary journals, and more! We help students gain recognition for the project from renowned professionals and professors.

Summer Program

Ivy Brothers helps students apply to summer programs, and shares their database of ones that actually increase chances at top schools. Don’t fall behind and end up without a summer program.

Academic Research

Ivy Brothers connects students with its world-class team of Ivy League PhDs. The student creates an independent research project, gaining coveted experience that schools look for. Students publish research to an academic journal.


Ivy Brothers helps students gain internships at their partner companies, as well as roles at other businesses by utilizing the extensive Ivy Brothers Internship Database. A summer internship can help students gain a competitive edge among their peers.

Work with Ivy League Professors & Scholars

Dr. Kempthorne

MIT Statistics & Math Professor

Dr. Atkins

UMich Aerospace Professor

Dr. Shabbir

UPenn Finance Professor

Dr. Campbell

Brown Comp Sci Professor

Partnerships at Top Companies

Ivy League Admissions Roundtable

Ivy Brothers leverages its team of former admission officers from the Ivy League. The team evaluate an application as if they were still in the admissions office, giving students insider tips on how to improve their application!

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Don't Take Our Word From It. Hear From Other Families!

Rachel (Parent, Harvard University)

Ivy Brothers counseling was a great experience where I was encouraged to find whaIvy Brothers helped our oldest, Sam, get accepted to the Research Science Institute, a prestigious summer program that’s difficult to get into, start his own solar non-profit, and do research under a professor at Harvard University. Ivy Brothers helped us with all of the essays for 12 schools, and we were able to get them all out of the way by early November. Sam was accepted to Harvard, UPenn, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, and UCLA. I really can't thank them enough!

Kevin (Student, UPenn Wharton)

Ivy Brothers counseling was a great experience where I was encouraged to find what I was interested in. My counselor, Shivam, was amazing, and I can’t say enough good things about him. I expressed interest in one day working in investment banking, and Ivy Brothers helped me find internships, start a student consulting agency, and get accepted to the prestigious program Wharton LBW. If you’re wondering how effective this kind of counseling is, I feel wholeheartedly that I got into schools that would have otherwise been probably out of my reach.

Michael (Parent, Brown University)

Thank you so much for helping our daughter for the past couple years, during her formative years helping to get her on track toward a great college. Thanks for helping with finding summer programs, finding an internship, helping her build an amazing project that helps our community, and helping her get accepted to Brown, Duke, USC, Georgetown, Northeastern, Emory, and more. It was a total of around 50 essays for 12+ college applications, and we wouldn’t have been able to complete them all with such high quality without the Ivy Brothers.

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Harvard '24

“I couldn’t have made it to Harvard without the help from Ivy Brothers. They gave me the confidence that I needed to put my best foot forward, and make sure my hard work in high school didn't go to waste."

– Kevin, Harvard Class of 2024

Want to know how we help students get into any college? Hear from this dad's whose son we got into Harvard

Patrice (Parent, Harvard University)

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